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Five tips to increase office efficiency

Five tips to increase office efficiency

As a business owner or manager, it goes without saying that you’re perennially focused on ensuring that your business runs as efficiently as possible. However, turning those intentions into reality can be easier said than done in such a competitive, cut-throat economy. Any way you can increase productivity and reduce office running costs will help your company thrive. Here are five simple strategies to streamline office processes to maximise business and employee productivity while continuing to offer excellent value:  

1. Reduce costs with a serviced office

Opting for a serviced office instead of the regular office comes with many cost advantages. The traditional route is to rent or buy a space and spend a great deal of time, money and effort in dealing with multiple bills and contractors, kitting it out to make it a comfortable working environment. A serviced office, on the other hand, can be secured for a fraction of the cost and significantly less hassle. It’s a furnished, fully-equipped and ready-to-use space where everything is included in an affordable monthly fee. No maintenance bills, no extra facility costs, or additional expenditure to furnish or install equipment. Your serviced office will essentially have everything ready for you, so you’re prepared to hit the ground running on day one, which is especially attractive for small or start-up businesses.  

2. Eliminate admin/clerical tasks 

It’s normal for employees, particularly in start-ups, to wear multiple ‘hats’. However, this can often mean that expert employees are performing more menial tasks rather than focusing on their primary goals. APSO serviced offices provide secretarial and business support services, so tasks such as answering phones, mail forwarding and other business support functions. Taking these essential, yet mundane tasks away from your core team frees them up to do what they do best.  

3.Allow employees to work from home 

Recent studies have now shown that employees who work from home are in fact, more productive, contrary to popular belief. Far from the widely held notions of employees lazing around in their pyjamas all day, the study found that people working from home exhibited increased motivation and efficiency, took shorter breaks, had fewer sick days, and took less time off from work overall. Working from home is proving so productive, that many smaller companies are opting to go completely office-free and allowing all employees to work remotely, using a virtual office for their business address. At APSO, our virtual office plans come with the option of meeting room for hire, a dedicated phone number, telephone answering and mail services allowing businesses to maintain that professional image.  

4.Promote health and well-being in the workplace 

A business’ most important resource is its staff and taking care of them is crucial for the success of your company. Health and well-being initiatives in the workplace not only have a positive impact on employees’ overall wellness but can increase motivation, focus and productivity. Here are just a few ways that you can promote good health and well-being at work:

  • On-site fitness facilities or programs
  • Mindfulness training
  • Access to healthy snacks
  • Wellness days

APSO understands the importance of the health and well-being of your staff, which is why our serviced offices have a variety of features across locations, including gyms, lifestyle facilities, a pool, or on-site health services. Demonstrate that you are invested in your team. When people feel valued on a personal level, they are more likely to feel engaged in their work, be less stressed, and have a sense of loyalty towards the organisation. All of this can ultimately help boost company morale and improve employee productivity.  

5. Keep office equipment in good working order

How often is your office printer jammed, your computer desperately slow, or some software crashed for the fifteenth time in a week? As single incidents, these can be a minor annoyance, but if ignored they can quickly become a regular occurrence and have a catastrophic knock-on effect on your office productivity. Don’t be tempted to save money on dodgy refurbished technology— what you save in purchasing you’ll lose on productivity. A recent study found that we waste 167 hours each year waiting on slow and outdated technology. Imagine; that’s 4 weeks a year spent waiting for your PC to turn on! Not only does inefficient or faulty technology slow us down but it plays havoc with office morale. When things don’t work, we get stressed and frustrated. If not fixed, this can have long term consequences on company culture and productivity.   These are just a few tips to help increase your office efficiency without having to implement complex strategies or spend considerable amounts of cash. Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional serviced offices and take the first step towards maximising office efficiency.