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What is a serviced office? How APSO can help your business grow.

What is a serviced office? How APSO can help your business grow.

Serviced and virtual offices available in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane

You know how it is, you’re stuck at a friend’s birthday party, or perhaps your spouse’s office soiree and forced to mingle and make polite conversation with a crowd of people that you don’t know. It’s like a kids’ playgroup only with less Lego and more social awkwardness. In a desperate effort to find something about which to converse that doesn’t involve the weather or footy, one of you inevitably falls back on the trusty “So…what do you do?” It’s one of the curious phenomena of my line of work that when I tell people that I work for a serviced office company, few of them have a firm grasp of what that means. Occasionally I’ll run into someone that thinks that I forward telephone calls for a living, but for the most part, I get blank stares and polite nods. With such a surprising lack of awareness, we thought it would be worth getting back to basics and providing an essential guide to understanding serviced offices and how they can benefit your business.


It’s an office, Jim. But not as we know it

The most important thing to understand about a serviced office is that it contains pretty much everything you’ll find in any other workspace, and sometimes more. The difference is that most, if not all, of the standard equipment, fittings, amenities and business services are provided for you and included in your monthly investment. Setting up and maintaining your own office can be logistically taxing and financially draining. A serviced office allows you the freedom to get on with your job, secure in the knowledge that the externalities are all looked after for you. Let’s look at some of them.


A prime location

Not every business can afford a high-profile location in a prominent part of town. However, for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses working hard to build their brands and corporate profiles, the right address can help them create a powerful first impression that opens doors. A serviced office provides an accessible way for such ventures to locate themselves close to the business heartbeat, and create a positive impact on clients, partners, investors and other critical stakeholders.


Great reception

Not every business is blessed with a Joan Holloway or Donna Paulsen. For smaller organisations hustling to make a big impression, a full-time secretary is something they are unlikely to need and even less likely to afford. A serviced office provides full receptionist services, including phone answering, call and message forwarding and much more.


Room to move

The environment in which we work is a crucial part of achieving efficiency. The best serviced offices will provide you and your team with a professional, fully appointed workspace that creates the perfect foundation upon which to build your venture. Fully furnished, tastefully decorated and meticulously cleaned and maintained, all you need to worry about is growing your business.


Wired for business

Communications are the lifeblood of commerce. In the age of the internet, this has become an even starker reality. With reliable internet, phone lines and complimentary handsets and all utilities supplied as standard; a serviced office means that you’re ready to plug in, log on and dial-up.


Lifestyles of the rich & famous

The rigours of modern business make it more imperative than ever to ensure a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives. How convenient, then, to have access to resources that help you unwind and recharge in your workplace? APSO serviced offices are strategically located in properties that provide access to gyms, kitchen facilities and other lifestyle amenities to help you keep your mind and body fit and clear to tackle the daily tasks and challenges.


With all these features, it’s little wonder that businesses of all shapes and sizes are opting for serviced office solutions to help them build. With all the details sorted out with no legwork and one convenient monthly bill, you’ll save time, money and resources better spent on more productive pursuits. APSO provide the finest serviced office solutions in outstanding locations in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. For more information about how APSO can help you achieve your business goals, contact us today and book an inspection to see for yourself.