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  • Who are virtual offices ideal for?

    – Start up companies
    – Home based businesses
    – Regional, rural and international businesses
    – Freelancers
    – Consultants
    – Online businesses

  • Why choose APSO for your virtual office?

    If you work from home, let our professional on-site reception team answer your business calls in your company name. With multiple locations across Australia, APSO provides impressive addresses for your website and business cards. Contact us today to find the ideal virtual office package for your needs.

  • What is a virtual office?

    A virtual office gives your business a professional address without the need for a physical office space. At APSO, we also provide dedicated phone numbers, call answering, and mail handling services.

  • How far in advance can I book a boardroom/meeting room?

    Through our online booking system you can book in as far in advance as you please. All APSO clients are given a personalised log in to be able to personally manage their boardroom and meeting room bookings.

  • I’m interested in your offices but can’t not inspect at this time. What should I do?

    If you are unable to physically inspect our offices, get in touch with us today and we can arrange a video tour with one of our friendly Consultants. The Consultant will be able to take you through a walk of the office and answer any questions you have. Whatever platform your prefer – Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout – we can cater to you.

    Book a video tour today.

  • Will mail services continue during the COVID-19 isolation period?

    As long as Australia Post and courier services are delivering mail, we will be able to accept and handle mail as per your instructions.

  • How will telephone answering services continue during the COVID-19 isolation period?

    APSO will continue to answer phone calls for all telephone answering clients as usual. In the event of a forced shutdown, APSO will continue to provide this service remotely.

  • Are all APSO locations still open during this uncertain time?

    In light of the changes that we are seeing across Australia in response to COVID-19, we want to reassure you that APSO is still fully operational.

    The health and wellbeing of our clients and staff are of the upmost importance. We are taking extra precautions, following guidance from the Department of Health Services and Government, to ensure our staff and clients stay safe and healthy.

    We are treating the current situation seriously while simultaneously ensuring the continuity of services to our clients and partners.

  • Are the offices ‘private’, or is it more of a communal space for people to use?

    The serviced offices across all of our locations are private offices. It is important to note that whilst all offices are private, we still promote a collaborative and networking driven environment.  This is made possible from having so many start ups and small to medium businesses within each complex who are looking to form invaluable business connections. Our St Kilda Rd Towers and Collins Street Tower locations also provide a business lounge which serves as a communal coworking space that all clients have access to.

  • What are the advantages for a small business in using serviced offices?

    A serviced office is a perfect solution for a start up or small business.  It provides companies with a flexible, low cost and mostly importantly stress free opportunity to set their office up without having to worry about long term commitments or the many overheads that come with commercial office space.  Signing up with the right serviced office provider for your business also provides you with the peace of mind that you have the ongoing support you need to turn your business into a success.

  • What is the difference between a serviced office and virtual office?

    The biggest difference between a serviced office and a virtual office is that a virtual office does not provide you with any physical office space.  This enables virtual office clients to portray a professional business address without the overheads of an actual office space, giving them credibility and prestige. Besides this, many of the services are the same such as telephone answering, administrative support, reception services and mailing address. It is important to note that virtual office clients are still able to access temporary office space and coworking space or make use of on-site facilities such as boardrooms at a reduced rate.

  • Can I bring in extra furniture to my office?

    Whilst we allocate furniture to a suite based on the number of people it is for, APSO clients are able to bring in their own furniture. Alternatively we can assist you with hiring or purchasing additional furniture at a competitive price.

  • What is provided with telephone answering?

    Overflow telephone answering consists of our professional receptionist answering your busy/no answer calls in your company name or as per your chosen instructions.

    Full telephone answering packages can also be purchase which allows your company to utilise our vibrant reception team to act as your personal receptionist; answering all your calls in your chosen greeting and then transferring these through to landline, mobile, voicemail or voice to email.

  • How much notice do I have to give to leave?

    Your serviced office agreement will dictate how many days written notice will need to be given prior to vacating your office.

  • Do you rent out office space on a daily or weekly basis?

    We often have offices available on a daily or weekly basis but its best to speak to our team to see what the best office solution if for you. We also have coworking space located at Collins Street Tower in Melbourne CBD and St Kilda Rd Towers on the CBD fringe, where communal workspaces can be hired on an hourly or daily basis with free Wi-Fi, coffee, tea and newspapers.

  • How do APSO differ from their competitors?

    APSO provide clients with inspirational workspaces and a passionate team of professional support staff to help your business thrive. Not only do you have the opportunity to upgrade your office at any time as your business grows, but our offices are also carefully styled and designed by our in-house team using only the best in modern furniture and accessories.

    Our sites also act as one stop shops, providing an exciting range of on-site services and facilities to ensure you get the most out of your work/life balance by being able to make the most of your work day.

  • How much notice do I have to give prior to vacating?

    Your serviced office agreement will dictate how many days written notice will need to be given prior to vacating your office.

  • If I have a virtual office can I advertise all of your different addresses or do I have to choose one?

    The  package includes one address. If you need multiple addresses, please speak to our Virtual Office Manager via the Contact Us page for options and current offers.

  • Are your virtual office services like a call centre or do you provide a professional receptionist?

    Your calls will be answered by a professional, local receptionist who will learn about your business and will follow your call handling instructions.

  • Do you have cafes on-site so I can meet my client there instead of paying for a meeting room?

    Yes, you can meet your client at reception, then hold your meeting in the café or food court in the building.

  • Can APSO make appointments in a calendar on my behalf?

    Yes, you can set-up a Google calendar and provide the APSO team with access. There is a small fee for each calendar entry.

  • Do I have access to meeting rooms and boardrooms during hours and after-hours?

    Yes, arrangements can be made for after-hours access to most of our buildings. Please note that there is an additional charge for any after-hours bookings. Speak to our Conferencing Sales Coordinator via the Contact Us page for further information.

  • Can I upgrade from a virtual office to a serviced office?

    Yes, you can upgrade to another virtual office package or serviced office at any time throughout your chosen term.

  • Are there any hidden fees with my virtual office package?

    No, we provide you with very detailed information including price lists for additional services. In addition, the package inclusions are clearly outlined.

  • Do you charge set-up fees or exit-fees when setting up my virtual office package?

    No, we don’t charge any set-up fees or exit fees.

  • Do I pay monthly or 12 months in advance?

    Payments are required monthly, one month in advance for the package fee.

  • What happens if my client walks into the office without first making an appointment?

    Your client will be greeted by your professional receptionist, a message taken and sent to you via email unless you instruct us otherwise.

  • What are your office opening hours and what happens to my after-hours telephone calls?

    Our office opening hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. After hours calls can be diverted to your mobile (call costs apply) or utilise our free voice to email message service.

  • Are my telephone calls answered by a local receptionist or overseas?

    Your receptionist is based on-site, at your chosen office location.

  • How can I book an inspection to see your serviced offices?

    To arrange a tour of our serviced offices, you can:

    1. Call 1300 211 742 and speak with a leasing consultant, or
    2. Submit an email enquiry via the form available on the Contact Us page

  • How do I book the boardroom? Can we use the meeting rooms in the CBD?

    You can book boardrooms/meeting rooms by either calling or emailing our Conferencing Sales Coordinator via the Contact Us page or via our online booking system. Yes you can request the CBD location when you speak with our Conferencing Sales Coordinator.

  • What furniture is included in my serviced office?

    Your Sales and Leasing Consultant as well as your Business Manager will discuss your furniture requirements before you move in. Our standard furniture includes a desk, pedestal and chair (per person). Your office will also include a telephone handset and unlimited internet.

    Subject to availability, additional furniture items can be supplied e.g. meeting tables and chairs, credenza, bookshelf, waiting chairs, and additional desks.

  • Are clients charged extra if we want to bring on an additional staff member? e.g. Add an additional desk to our office?

    No, offices are charged per square metre, not per person. If you require additional furniture please contact you Business Manager; items supplied are subject to availability.

  • How do the printing facilities work?

    Network printing facilities are available at most of our locations. Please speak with your Business Manager for further information. Alternatively, your on-site team can print on your behalf. Applicable printing charges are added to your monthly invoice.

  • What reception services are included at no additional cost?

    Greeting and welcoming your clients to the building as well as mail collection.

  • Can I install a different lock on the suite door?

    Yes, you can install a different lock on the door, at your own cost. Your landlord must be notified before making the change and you will be required to return the suite to its original condition upon vacate.

  • Can I modify the suite and hang items on the wall?

    Yes, you can hang your own pictures/artwork/whiteboards on the wall and make modifications to the suite. We do however need to ask the landlords permission to modify the suite. You will be required to return the suite to its original condition (make-good) upon vacate.

  • Where do I put my recycling? Is this provided in the cleaning services?

    Recycling bins are located at all buildings. Please ask our friendly on-site team for further information. Should you wish for this to be included in your weekly clean, a quote can be arranged by your Business Manager.

  • Do I get a discount on parking if I’m a serviced office client?

    If you park casually then rates will be as advertised to the general public. Should you wish to lease a car space on a monthly basis, your Business Manager will be able to tailor a package for you, based on availability.

  • Do you have a barista service as part of the serviced office package?

    We don’t, as most buildings have a number of great coffee shops.

  • Can I advertise my business somewhere within the building?

    Yes, there are opportunities to advertising your business within the building and this varies from building to building. Please speak with your Business Manager for all available opportunities.

  • Why do you only offer cable internet in the suite?

    As each company requires different IT services, cable internet is more stable & secure for our clients, especially if they need to access servers remotely etc. Cable internet in our buildings ensures that internet speeds are consistently high, and uninterrupted.

  • Why is the directory board signage not for free?

    Directory signage is an additional cost to all clients as it is a premium advertising space within the building & is getting supplied by a 3rd party provider and they are familiar each buildings specifications set by the OC.

  • Is there a stationery pack I can choose from upon move in to avoid having to purchase myself?

    Yes, your Business Manager can facilitate this for you upon request.

  • Why are the building hours set to 7am and 6pm? What happens after-hours?

    Standard building opening hours are 7am-6pm. Outside of these times, your after-hours pass allow you to access the building. Secure afterhours access will be given with your swipe card which is issued upon move in. Each building is only accessible via the secured building swipe when the building is unmanned or traffic is low.

  • Where is the loading dock for my removalists?

    Loading docks are site specific. Please speak to your Business Manager for further details.

  • Can I change the lighting in my suite if it is too bright?

    Yes, we can provide a quote if you would like to decrease or increase your office lighting. Please speak with your Business Manager or team on-site.

  • Why is parking not included in the serviced office ‘all-in-one’ package?

    Parking at each location is subject to availability. We can certainly organise parking to be included into your agreement as an all in one package, but as this is an add-on service as not all clients need to have parking included.

  • Why do I need to ‘make the suite good’ as other providers do not charge me for this service?

    To ensure that our suites are maintained to the highest standards and are ready for the next tenant, you are required to cover the costs of re-painting and carpet steam cleaning. When you move into the suite it has been freshly painted and steam cleaned by the previous client.

  • Do you supply laptops and computers as part of the office set-up?

    No, we don’t provide any computers as part of your office set-up but we can arrange quotes for equipment/hardware.

  • I do not have access to an IT provider, can you recommend a provider?

    Yes, our recommended IT provider is 5G Networks who can help with all of your phone and internet connection needs.

  • Is there a networking group I can be a part of at my building to meet other businesses?

    Yes, across all of our sites we host networking events. Your Business Manager will invite you to any building networking events.

  • What is included in the serviced office kitchen facilities?

    Tea, coffee, milk and biscuits are all complimentary. You also have access to a fridge/freezer and microwave. Cutlery and crockery is provided.

  • What do the cleaners do as part of the office clean? Is there any more that can be added at no cost?

    The office clean includes a vacuum, dusting once per week and emptying of rubbish bins, three times per week.

    Your Business Manager will be able to provide you with the exact scope.

    A quote can be provided for additional cleaning. Please speak with your on-site team for further details.

  • How does the gym work at each site as a virtual office client?

    You can access the gym during our business hours with particular virtual office packages. Your team on-site will be able to provide you with access. To see which virtual office packages offer gym access, view the Virtual Office page and refer to the Virtual Office Packages table.

  • Can I use Skype when booking a boardroom?

    Yes, you can. If you bring your own laptop, we can connect you to our plasma monitors and provide you with complimentary Wi-Fi.

  • What is included in my serviced office package? What do I get access to?

    Your serviced office package includes:

    – Furniture set-up to your office requirements, including; desk, pedestal, executive chair per person & artwork for your suite
    – Unlimited internet, one phone line & handset rental (no installation fees)
    – Office cleaning three times per week
    – Electricity, air-conditioning, rates, taxes & body corporate fees
    – Access to kitchen facilities including tea, coffee, sugar & biscuits
    – Complimentary use of gymnasium, including showers
    – Friendly receptionists to greet your clients
    – On-site Business Manager
    – 24/7 access to the building
    – Ability to upgrade to a larger office within the building at any time during your agreement
    – Access to Business Centre facilities, including Xerox Document Centre for printer/facsimiles; boardroom & meeting room facilities & dedicated secretarial support.

  • Do you offer co-working space?

    We do offer access to a communal business lounges at Collins Street Tower and St Kilda Rd Towers.

  • If I start as a virtual client can I upgrade to a serviced office space?

    Yes, you can. Our packages are designed to be flexible and grow with your business.

  • Is the carpark available to my guests and clients?

    Yes, all guests and casual parking clients have access to the car park at casual rates.

  • Do you have car parking facilities and what are the prices?

    Casual and permanent car parking is available at all of our locations. Contact us for further information on prices.


  • What costs are associated with moving out?

    When moving out, all suites need to be re-painted and carpets steam cleaned. We also have virtual office packages to ensure you do not miss any calls or mail throughout the moving period. For more information about costs, please speak directly to your Business Manager.

  • Tell me more about your preferred telecommunications provider, 5G Networks?

    5G Networks aim to deliver powerful business solutions to meet the modern business demands for all broadband, cloud and managed services.

    For more information, please visit https://www.5gnetworks.com.au/

  • Does APSO offer extra furniture after move in and how much does additional furniture cost?

    Any additional furniture is subject to availability. Your Business Manager will be able to discuss your requirements and tailor your package. Our team can also assist with quotations on TV’s, whiteboards, seating / lounges etc.

  • What comes with the office when I move in?

    Your Sales & Leasing Consultant as well as your Business Manager will discuss your furniture requirements before you move in. Our standard furniture includes desk, pedestal and chair (per person). Your office will also include a telephone handset and unlimited internet.

    Subject to availability, additional furniture items can be supplied e.g. meeting tables & chairs, credenza, bookshelf, waiting chairs, and additional desks.

  • Where are your virtual offices available?

    Virtual offices are available at all our serviced office locations

  • Where are your serviced offices located?

    Our serviced office locations are located throughout Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. For more information on each location, please visit the Our Locations page.

  • Can I make structural changes to the office?

    Yes, should you wish to make structural changes to your office please advise the business centre staff and they will obtain a quote for you. Please note that you will need to return the office back to its original condition before you vacate the premises. Any changes need to be approved by your landlord and then reinstated during the make-good at the end of your license agreement.

  • Do you have a telecommunications technician on-site?

    We do not always have a telecommunications technician on site, however our staff are well trained to assist when needed. We can also request for someone to come on-site if required. Our technicians are Melbourne based.

  • Can I have a technician come on-site and help me set-up my IT?

    Yes, we can set-up a time for you to meet with our recommend provider, 5G Networks, to discuss your office requirements. Please speak to your Business Manager for further details.

  • Do you offer Wi-Fi routers?

    Our internet provider, 5G Networks, provides a range of high performance Wi-Fi routers. 5G Networks collaborate with all APSO clients to ensure all hardware supplied will fulfill exact requirements.

  • Is the internet connected through Wi-Fi?

    Our internet is connected through an Ethernet cable which is connected from either the back of our phones or directly through the port. If you would like Wi-Fi we can suggest the best router for your office.

  • What facilities are included in the boardroom?

    Whiteboards, Wi-Fi, water stations, stationery and dedicated on-site teams to assist with the smooth running of your boardroom booking are always available at all sites. We can also provide additional features such as AV equipment including plasma monitors, projectors and audio equipment to catering options and secretarial services for an additional cost. Visit our Meeting Rooms page for more info or contact us today.

  • How do I book a boardroom?

    You can book our boardrooms and meeting rooms by one of three simple ways:

    1. Call 1300 211 742
    2. Email our Conferencing Sales Coordinator via the Contact Us page, or;
    3. Book online (https://asianpacific.meetinghub.com.au/home)

  • How much are your boardrooms? Can I hire them on an hourly, half-day or daily rate?

    Our boardrooms and meeting rooms start from $65 per hour, $150 per half day & $260 per day. For the most accurate and personalised quote, please enquire with our Conferencing Sales Coordinator via the Contact Us page.

  • Where are your boardrooms located?

    APSO offers boardrooms and meeting rooms for hire across six locations in Melbourne. The locations include Melbourne CBD, St Kilda Road, Malvern/Toorak, Preston and Frankston.

  • If I have a question, recommendation or feedback, who do I speak to?

    Your Business Manager or our friendly reception team are always happy to help.

    Alternatively, you can submit feedback via the online form on the Feedback page.

  • When am I billed? Weekly or monthly?

    Clients are billed on the 1st of every month. One simple invoice, making it easy for you to manage.

  • Is cleaning included in my monthly invoice?

    Yes, the cleaners will attend your office three times a week (speak with your Business Manager in regards to the scope).

  • Where can I find public transport information for each of your locations?

    Please visit the relevant property page on our website or visit https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/ for the up-to-date transport timetable.

  • What facilities are available at your locations?

    Our locations have all have a gym, showers, parking, kitchen facilities and friendly receptionists to greet your clients.

    In addition, 480 Collins St, Preston, The Watson & The Johnson have a swimming pool.

  • Is the office space shared or a private?

    We specialise in private offices. With your private office, you will have access to shared facilities such as reception support, boardrooms, business lounges (at select locations) and the on-site gym and lifestyle facilities.

  • Can I access the building and my office 24/7?

    Yes, you can access the building and your office 24/7 providing you have your building access pass and office key on you.

  • Do you have offices I can use interstate when travelling?

    Yes, we have meeting rooms and hot desks for hire in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. For more information please call 1300 211 742 or email us via the Contact Us page.

  • I need to start ASAP. How quickly can I move in?

    We can have you set-up and operational within 3 business days (sometimes sooner!).

    Whilst we do our best to ensure all you need to do is move in and plug in, there’s still a few steps you need to take before you move into your office:

    • Signed licence agreement
    • One months rent in advance
    • A credit check will be completed by APSO
    • One months rent at list price to be held as security deposit
    • Key deposit of between $50 to $100 per set (typically one suite key, one office key and/or one swipe card)
  • My company is growing. What if I outgrow the office?

    You have the ability to upgrade to a larger office at any time during your agreement term (subject to availability, conditions may apply). Please speak with your Business Manager or Sales and Leasing Consultant for more details.

  • Are there any set-up fees for serviced offices?

    We will cover the telecommunications set-up fee if you opt for the one phone and unlimited internet package that’s included in your office solution. For a tailored telecommunications service a fee may apply. This will be discussed and disclosed in tailoring your solution.

  • What deposit is required for my serviced office package?

    One month rent is held as a security deposit and one month rent is to be paid in advance. A small key deposit is payable based on the number of keys you require.