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Business immunity – 5 ways a serviced office can help you during the COVID-19 crisis

Business immunity – 5 ways a serviced office can help you during the COVID-19 crisis

Remember the days when someone mentioned the word “Corona”, and you went diving into the fridge for a quarter of lime? It may seem like an age ago, but my, how the world has changed in a couple of short months.

While health and safety are rightly everyone’s top priority, the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and business world has been profound and is continuously evolving. Businesses in particular, whether large or small, are having to reinvent themselves and tap all their reserves of adaptability to survive.

The traditional office model is in hibernation. Alternatives such as co-working spaces are not a practical solution. In such circumstances, there are even more reasons to consider a serviced office as an affordable, effective way to help you keep your business running efficiently. Let’s look at a few of them:


Working from home is not for everyone

Irrespective of how many Zoom meetings you run, Skype calls you make, Slack messages you type or Asana projects you set up, working from home is not a viable option for everyone. Screaming kids, frazzled spouses, noisy pets and the persistent, irresistible call of the biscuit jar are just a few of the productivity killers on offer on the domestic front.

A serviced office offers a professional, quiet and Corona-friendly solution to this problem. APSO offers serviced office spaces in which you can tune out the noise and tune into running your business. While an additional expense may not be high on your priority list, a serviced office for one is surprisingly affordable. When you factor in productivity gains and the long list of available amenities, you’re likely to end up ahead of the game.


Teams that isolate together, stick together

Ensuring your own productivity is a crucial step. However, if you’re not getting the best out of your team, much needed results may be hard to come by. APSO’s outstanding network of locations allows you to split your staff up across multiple sites. Choose from an exceptional variety of CBD, CBD fringe and stunning suburban properties to find the perfect balance for your crew. For the interstate entrepreneur, our outstanding serviced offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide provide the national coverage you require to ensure that each member of your staff can work efficiently. Whether you’re running a small business or managing a group within a large organisation, APSO’s extensive national serviced office network provides an exceptional option for keeping everyone focused, productive and connected.


Keep it local & avoid the crowds

In the current climate, limiting our time in public space and exposure to others is a national priority. The last thing anyone wants to be doing is commuting long distances, using public transport or risking the crowds in the CBD. With a range of conveniently located serviced offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, all APSO properties offer the amenity and privacy to ensure that you can get the job done while keeping your distance. Choose a location close to your home so that you can get to work quickly in the safety of your own vehicle. Secure off-street parking ensures that you can get in and out without having to battle the sidewalk-social-distancing obstacle course. Additionally, all our facilities have 24/7 access so that you can set your schedule and time your movements for quieter times of the day.


Flexible terms

For most of us, one of the most pressing anxieties is the uncertainty as to how long lockdown will continue. In such a dynamic situation, you can forgive yourself for being concerned about locking yourself into any additional long-term commitments. Fear not! All APSO serviced offices offer flexible month-to-month leases. This gives you the freedom to opt-in or opt-out for as long as the situation or your circumstances require.


Private & professional

Even if you can sequester yourself in a closed room, the home environment offers endless opportunities to disturb your meeting. We all remember the now-infamous case of the “BBC Dad” whose baby gate crashed his TV interview with hilarious results that turned him into a viral internet sensation.

As adorable as this was, an errant child, a neighbour’s noisy lawnmower, a blaring car alarm, flaky internet connections or myriad other disturbances can scuttle your plans. All our serviced offices are equipped with state-of-the-art private meeting rooms with on-site tech support so you can conduct virtual meetings or conference calls in privacy, without interruptions. With peace-of-mind, you’ll be able to project the kind of professionalism that you need in these extraordinary times.


Reliable technology

Technology has been a saviour for virtually everyone this year. If you’d never heard of Zoom before this pandemic, you certainly have now. Everything from client pitches and team WIPs, to school classes, Easter services and Passover feasts have gone online to help us feel connected in our isolation.

However, as alluded to above, technology is not always reliable. The additional load on internet resources can mean frustrating dropouts, lags and poor-quality sound and vision. The good news is that APSO arms all our serviced offices with 24/7 bullet-proof internet. We’re used to dealing with high volume, so all our equipment is primed and ready to go when you need it.


Keep it clean

These days, you don’t need to be OCD to be concerned about germs lurking everywhere. We don’t even have a definitive idea of how long the virus can survive on surfaces, so caution is the order of the day. That’s why our staff are at the ready to disinfect shared equipment after use, replenish hand soap and sanitiser and keep workspaces immaculately clean.

You may have noticed that working from home brings with it additional clutter and grime. Forget all the extra vacuuming and waste bins to empty, we’ve got you covered with regular cleaning throughout the week, so that you can get on with the business of doing business with less housekeeping for you and/or your partner.


We live in unprecedented times. The practical, psychological and financial pressures are unlike anything that we have experienced in our generation. Nevertheless, we’re a resourceful and tenacious bunch here in Australia. Together, we’ll get through this crisis.

Whether you use it every day, or when you need that extra degree of space and quiet in which to focus, a serviced office may be one of the best business decisions you could make right now. With so many reasons to choose a serviced office, give APSO a call today, and we’ll help you find the right space to help your business survive and thrive in the age of COVID-19.