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Clever conferencing – 5 reasons to hire a meeting room

Clever conferencing – 5 reasons to hire a meeting room

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In our modern day, open-plan office arrangements, it’s well understood how difficult it is to have any kind of meaningful conversation with a colleague. Sometimes it’s hard even to hear yourself think over the deafening cacophony of constant background chatter, chairs scraping across the floor, and the blaring music coming from Brian’s earphones. Having a team meeting is near impossible in such an environment. The hunt is on for a decent meeting room – somewhere preferably surrounded by four walls, with a door. The stakes are even higher for small businesses, startups and home-based ventures. When your existing facilities are not quite cutting the mustard, there’s little choice but to look outside the box.

So let’s run through the advantages of hiring a meeting room:


  1. Elbow room

A small venture with a staff count numbering in single digits will often operate perfectly well out of a small space. While the business needs the equipment and supplies that you can find in a regular office – small kitchen space, couch, desks, chairs, computers and printer – small offices with low rental costs usually lack larger areas that you might need for those one-off national sales or strategy meetings, or a once-a-year board meeting. Using the lobby as a meeting place just won’t cut it.

Small businesses may have multiple staff that operate off-site on a near-permanent basis, communicating with the office via email and internal instant messaging platforms like Slack. Many companies may have an extensive regional footprint, with a central office in one location and many smaller offices spread out throughout the state or country, like spokes in a bicycle wheel. For this reason, it is possible for a company to operate out of a smaller office than might at first blush seem ideal for their headcount. Yet, occasions will arise where employees in the wider organisation need to gather in the one location, and hiring a meeting room large enough to hold them all is a simple solution.


  1. Save on costs

For even smaller businesses, the costs of renting an office can be prohibitive, and a needless drain on scarce resources that would be better put towards expanding the company’s operations. I myself am writing this blog in my home office, and have worked from home for a number of years, saving on overheads. However, occasions do arise in which a more professional setting to conduct meetings is needed. The local café isn’t always sufficient. You may have suppliers, contractors, clients or investors with whom to meet, and for the sake of keeping up appearances, a hired meeting room will do the job nicely. With a dedicated staff member on site to assist with any requests; from catering to AV systems, an APSO meeting room can meet any requirements you may have.


  1. Equipment access

Many staff bonding sessions and strategy discussions require audiovisual equipment, electronic whiteboards and other equipment. These items can be expensive to install and maintain, and require a certain amount of space. Purchasing and maintaining such hardware is clearly uneconomical and impractical for a home or small office setting. An APSO meeting room can provide such equipment, with a trained staff member you can instruct you on how to run it. In this way, you reap all the benefits when you need it, without the cost, hassle and clutter.


  1. Location location

It might be perfectly practical for you to run your small business out of home. However, it becomes a decidedly inconvenient destination when gathering an off-site team together in one spot. Unfortunately, most major cities lack regular, reliable transport out to the suburbs. Without owning a car, it can prove very difficult for far-flung staff to make their way to an otherwise outlying city suburb.

However, holding a meeting in a convenient, central location like the CBD or well-known suburban business precinct puts you on the doorstep of major transport hubs, making it infinitely easier for your staff to commute.

Additionally, the best meeting rooms for hire also give you access to a broader range of peripheral services. APSO provides meeting rooms in the Melbourne CBD and the well-known business centre of St Kilda Road, putting cafes, dining options, dry-cleaning services, and much more within your reach. The same is true of our superb meeting rooms in Brisbane and Adelaide, located in upmarket, stunning inner-suburban locations that provide easy access to the CBDs and surrounding amenities.


  1. Your own launchpad

Amazon was founded in the garage of Jeff Bezos’ rented home, while Steve Jobs famously first worked out of his parent’s basement. Some of the greatest products are often created by one-man businesses working out of their mom’s garage. When it comes to showcasing your brilliant concept, you need to make an impression.  Hiring an APSO meeting room or boardroom provides with the ideal space to achieve that.


Whatever your business needs, APSO is here to assist with the most modern, professional and impressive facilities to add the perfect touch to your meeting. Contact us today to experience the difference an APSO meeting room can make to your next big event.