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Virtual or serviced office? How to choose the right option for your business

Virtual or serviced office? How to choose the right option for your business

Serviced offices vs. virtual offices - which one is right for your business?

With so much chatter and many providers in the marketplace for virtual or serviced office solutions, it can be hard not to become overwhelmed. Below we have broken down the difference between these two fantastic services to help you determine which is right for your business at this stage of its life cycle.  

Virtual office

As working from home becomes more common and business owners are looking to save time and increase revenue, the choice to take a virtual office is fast becoming a popular one. In a society where first impressions count, it’s important to put your best food forward in the business world and portray a corporate and professional image to your clients. If you’re a business owner who is not quite ready to move to a business address or you are considering taking that giant leap to start your own business, a virtual office is the perfect support tool to do this. A virtual office can give your business a variety of services including a professional address, phone number, professional telephone answering, support staff and access to business lounge and meeting rooms. A virtual office also gives your business instant credibility by showing your clients and potential clients that you have an office location supported by a receptionist and team in comparison to not just operating from home. It is also great for maintaining privacy when registering your company name and ensuring your visiting clients are greeted professionally in a corporate environment. In addition to this, a virtual office can help business owners create a healthy work/life balance so that their working day does not overflow into personal time. By having assistance with taking phone calls and mail handling amongst other services, as the business owner you are able to make the most of your day and work on what is most important whilst your virtual office provider attends to the rest.  

Serviced office

Are you tired of finding your children’s drawings all over your paperwork or trying to find some peace and quiet to go over those monthly accounts? Then perhaps it is time to move from your home office to a more corporate environment. A serviced office gives you the opportunity to create a healthy separation between your work and home life so that both have your full attention at the right time. There is also no need to be concerned about being locked into lengthy contracts; a serviced office gives you the flexibility to sign for the time period that suits you and also upgrade at any time as your business grows (and it will!). As the main goal of a serviced office is to make your life easier and reduce your costs, one of the greatest benefits is that most services fall under one monthly rental amount, making forecasting your budget a much smoother process. These inclusions can cover rental, body corporate fees and rates, furniture, office maintenance and more. Plus with a fully equipped business centre at each location you can also have a dedicated receptionist and administrative team supporting your company without the associated overheads. Another benefit that comes from a serviced office is the opportunity to network with like-minded peers. In a serviced office you will usually find yourself surrounded by other small businesses looking to build relationships and grow their client base, which is exactly what you want to do too!  

So now what?

Your best bet is to jump online and research a few providers to see what works best for you. Keep an eye out for what location you want, the services you need and mostly importantly a provider that aims to work as a part of your business to help it grow. Contact us today to find out how APSO can help you on what promises to be an exciting journey.