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Satisfied staff – 5 strategies to boost employee engagement and grow your business

Satisfied staff – 5 strategies to boost employee engagement and grow your business

Another one bites the dust…

Ever felt that knot in the pit of your stomach? The combination of frustration, anger and despair that comes after investing months or years in hiring, training and grooming an employee, only to have them walk out the door just when you thought they were starting to deliver on all that promise?

Employee turnover is the bane of any business and can send shockwaves throughout your entire organisation and significantly impact your bottom line. While there will always be comings and goings, a stable workforce provides continuity, reliability, certainty and cost-efficiency to your operations.

In most cases, high turnover is associated with dissatisfied and/or disengaged workers. When your people are in the doldrums, their productivity plummets and your business suffers. The tumult and price-tag when they walk out the revolving door is merely the final kick in the pants that underscores what may have been an extended period of lacklustre performance.

The secret to avoiding this debilitating phenomenon is to create an employee-focused culture that continually motivates, inspires and engages your people. Engaged, satisfied staff are more productive, more loyal and more pro-active. Creating a workplace that people want to work in, rather than want to leave, is crucial to business success.

Here are 5 ways to create great employee engagement to help boost business.


1. Allow flexibility

Allowing your team to work from home, or going fully remote with a virtual office has many advantages for both the employees and the business. Employees experience greater job satisfaction, enhanced physical and mental well being, and are more driven to achieve results for the team. For the business, the reduction in costs associated with hiring and training, coupled with the benefits that accrue with enhanced staff output and productivity create an overwhelming advantage.

Going fully virtual doesn’t have to compromise your company image, either. APSO virtual office solutions provide businesses with a physical address, mailbox, phone number and even access to meeting rooms for important business meetings.


2. Acknowledge and praise good work

Never underestimate the power of your words. Many managers and business owners make the fatal error of believing that their staff are primarily motivated by financial gain. Don’t get me wrong, money is important, but numerous studies have shown that non-monetary rewards and recognition, and feeling that their superiors care about them are, in fact, the most effective ways to drive staff motivation.

For employees to feel engaged in their work, they need to feel appreciated, valued and be rewarded for helping the company succeed. A complimentary email, public recognition in a team meeting, financial bonus, or a meal on the company’s dime are just some of the ways you can demonstrate your awareness and appreciation of their hard work and efforts.

These rewards can also be an incentive for employees to do their best work. Giving praise not only helps boost employee morale and productivity, but it has been proven to have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line.


3. Create a comfortable and attractive office environment

Office environment and employee engagement go hand in hand. A dark, dingy, cramped space is never going to excite any of your employees to come to work fired up or enable them to do their best when they are there.

A pleasant office environment which allows employees to focus and offers space to move around and relax will increase morale and foster a creative, positive culture. APSO serviced offices are the easiest and most cost-effective way to provide the environment your staff need to feel and do their best. APSO has offices in some of the most sought after locations, offering fully furnished and functional spaces with plenty of natural light and stunning city views.


4. Provide office perks that improve employee health

Showing staff that you care about their personal well-being helps them feel connected to the company for which they work. Perks equal engagement. Engagement creates happy employees which boosts retention.

Recent studies have shown that perks are a major consideration for almost 60% of job seekers. Casual Fridays or free lattes are no longer what potential employees are looking for. After remote working and flexibility, health and well-being is the biggest perk that attracts and keeps employees.

Different APSO locations offer different facilities for your employees. Depending on the serviced office site you’ll find gym facilities, fitness classes on site, an indoor pool, sauna access, or a health centre. A free gym or pool membership may be just the carrot that helps you attract and retain the best talent.


5. Offer Continuing professional development

If a business wants to thrive, it needs its staff to grow and flourish with it. By investing in your staff’s professional development, you demonstrate your dedication to career advancement, which strengthens their loyalty and dedication to the organisation that has helped them to develop.

Some managers are fearful that CPD will encourage staff to move on. However, contrary to popular belief, encouraging employees to expand their knowledge results in them staying longer with the company and being more productive.


The critical thing to remember is that employees don’t have to be in the building to feel connected to the job or the company. Much of what is considered engagement is really a sense of fulfilment and overall well-being, which can easily be fostered, even through virtual offices. Discover more about APSO virtual offices today and learn how you can provide freedom and flexibility for a more engaged workforce.