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Making the big start-up move to Adelaide

Making the big start-up move to Adelaide

The Watson in Adelaide

It’s finally over, and life can now get back to normal. After weeks of agonising over whether Bill was just telling Ali what she wanted to hear, whether Ali herself had truly learned her lesson from past relationships, Charlie could possibly be more of a control freak, or Todd was seriously going to go to the finale wearing that ridiculous nose-ring, it’s done and dusted. Everyone’s favourite commitment-phobe, Taite, has walked away the winner of 2019’s Bachelorette Australia, but it almost didn’t happen that way. Much agonising was had over one of the series’ most burning question: would these unfeasibly chiselled blokes be willing to throw caution to the wind, drop everything, uproot their lives and make the big move to Adelaide to be with Ali?

Now that the happy couple are doing the rounds of morning TV shows, professing their undying love, it appears that some compromise might be on the cards. However, perhaps if Taite were privy to just how vibrant the local start-up economy is, it would have been a less torturous decision. For us mere mortals the reality is that it shouldn’t require a blond bombshell veteran of three reality TV dating shows to convince us that a move to Adelaide is a solid business decision for any start-up. Let’s look at why:


Yes, Adelaide is growing

For all the media doom and gloom, Adelaide is, in fact, a growing economy. It’s true that the decline of manufacturing, particularly defence and automotive, have hit the local economy hard. However, it is a testament to the resilience of the local workforce and business community that they’ve managed to forge ahead and maintain positive GDP growth for the past decade despite these challenges. Sure, the average rate of growth is somewhat more modest than economic powerhouses Melbourne and Sydney. However, compare that with Perth, whose economy is weathering similar storms with the mining bust and Adelaide’s counter-punching culture is looking admirable.


One door closes…

In fact, there is a strong argument to make that manufacturing’s departure could end up being a significant positive for the region. While the big companies may have left the building, the infrastructure, skilled workforce, industry know-how and culture of innovation remain firmly in place. Time may tell that this has provided an opportunity for the economy to transition from a manufacturing centre to a cutting-edge hub of innovation and technological development that will create the jobs and economic growth of the future.


Don’t take our word for it

If you think that sounds like a pipedream or optimistic boosterism, perhaps take David Cohen’s word for it. He’s the co-CEO of Techstars, the Boulder, Colorado-based technology accelerator that named Adelaide as its first base of operations in the Asia-Pacific region. Why Adelaide? The pre-existing defence industry infrastructure offers the perfect breeding ground for IoT, robotics, big data and other related technological development to thrive. Need more convincing? In 2015, Cisco named Adelaide as their first “Lighthouse City” in Australia, giving the town access to the network and know-how if the global tech behemoth. This was followed closely by the establishment of Australia’s first IoT Innovation Hub, and Adelaide’s joining of the GigCity network, making it the most digitally connected centre in Australia.


A helping hand

Fuelled in part by these developments, the past few years have seen the blossoming of an admirable ecosystem of start-up resources and support networks, creating fertile ground for entrepreneurs and innovators to put down roots and flourish. Backed by aggressive investment and commitment of resources from state and local governments, it is no exaggeration to say that Adelaide has the potential to capitalise on an already booming scene and grow to be a genuine start-up superpower.


Get started with serviced or virtual offices in Adelaide

APSO is ready to help your venture get started in South Australia. Our serviced and virtual offices in Adelaide can provide the enterprising organisation with the perfect springboard to grow in an energising, creative environment. Located minutes from the Adelaide CBD, The Watson is a multi-purpose building inspired by the artwork of leading indigenous artist Tommy Watson. Stunning, modern office facilities for organisations of 1-15 people are paired with the full range of business amenities, meeting rooms, a retail hub, gym, café and exquisite lap-pool designed by none other than Olympic champion Michael Klim. Best of all, The Watson is home to a thriving community of entrepreneurs and business leaders with whom the forward-thinking entrepreneur can network and cross-pollinate ideas.


For more information about this truly inspirational property and how it can help your business thrive, contact us for a chat or to arrange a site tour. With APSO serviced and virtual office solutions in Adelaide, your venture can take advantage of everything that The City of Churches has to offer and focus on innovation and growth – at least until the next season of Bachelor in Paradise hits our screens! Now THAT’s something worth moving to Adelaide for!