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Innovation nation – in search of the most startup friendly location in Australia

Innovation nation – in search of the most startup friendly location in Australia

In a world of self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and 24/7 connectivity, it is little wonder that the workforce is evolving rapidly. It is predicted that more than half the jobs today’s primary school students will be doing don’t exist yet! This hotbed of change has created a global innovation race towards wealth, high-tech solutions, and more rewarding jobs.

Start-ups are the fastest growing engine for the creation of such jobs. Small, innovative businesses fuelled by great ideas and a passion for innovation are springing up like wildfire all over the country. These ventures are further propelled by generous government grants, global accelerator programs, and venture capital funding. However, the environment in which these seeds germinate and take bloom can play a significant role in their success or otherwise. So, where is the best spot in Australia to launch a start-up? Sydney might be the top spot for big business in Australia, but the capital cities of Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane are fast becoming hubs of innovation for tech entrepreneurs.



Melbourne may have temporarily lost the mantle of the World’s Most Liveable City to Vienna; however, the high-performing economy, international reputation, and wealth of world-class universities make it a formidable player on the global stage. It’s little wonder that 29% of the top Australian companies are based in Melbourne, the commercial environment is perfect for entrepreneurs of every ilk to gain a foothold. Melbourne’s population is expected to surpass Sydney’s in the coming decades, which will bring with it growing economic clout. More importantly, Melbourne’s commercial life is as diverse as its cultural landscape. From coffee shops and laneways to manufacturing, finance, technology, healthcare and more, Melbourne truly does have it all.

While the southern capital has a reputation conservative business culture, with the growing international talent pool and a rapid shift to an innovation-driven economy, this is fast falling by the wayside. The primary challenge that small enterprises will face in Melbourne is the relatively high cost of living and cost of labour. These can be mitigated by the savvy entrepreneur through the implementation of smart business practices. It goes without saying that securing a serviced office or virtual office in Melbourne will help get you started on the path to success.



Brisbane is Australia’s gateway to Asia, with outstanding accessibility via daily flights to and from over 20 destinations in the region and more than 80 cities globally. Any startup with a focus on exports or looking to infiltrate foreign markets will find Brisbane to be the perfect springboard. With the current expansions taking place at Brisbane Airport and the Port of Brisbane, it is establishing itself as a major Australian transport hub.

With a stunning climate, a lifestyle that is the envy of the nation and burgeoning cultural scene, it’s little wonder that young and old, individuals and families alike are flocking north to make Brisbane the fastest growing city in the nation.

Such an environment is the perfect incubator for modern, creative business minds to bring their ideas and dreams to fruition. Even more importantly, local and State governments have realised the potential of attracting bright talent and offer some of the most attractive small business support packages in the country. All of this has led to large numbers of entrepreneurs and small businesses choosing this Sunshine State as their base.



Those who haven’t visited Adelaide may be fooled by its outdated reputation as a sprawling country town. It has maintained its picturesque surrounds and laid-back feel while establishing world-class research facilities and providing a vibrant home to an array of innovative companies in the public and private sectors.

Part of Adelaide’s charm is that it is exceptionally price-competitive, with costs much lower than the national average. Combine this with vigorous tax cuts from the South Australian government and robust incentive schemes to attract investment, and it is clear why Adelaide is attracting talented tech entrepreneurs in droves. The private sector is also getting into the act, with the city’s three major universities and an impressive list of commercial and not-for-profit organisations offering various forms and levels of support for start-up businesses. Combine all these factors and what you get is a fertile ecosystem that playing a crucial role in reversing the long-standing trend of talent leaving South Australia for the Eastern capitals.


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