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Start-up central – how Brisbane is becoming Australia’s new home of innovation

Start-up central – how Brisbane is becoming Australia’s new home of innovation

Serviced and virtual offices in Brisbane

What’s the first impression that comes to your mind when you hear mention of Queensland? For some, it may be the iconic image of lightning cracking over cane fields made famous by the quintessential Aussie one-hit-wonder GANGgajang and their submission for the most embarrassing music video of all time. Others might fondly and blurrily recall their schoolies days, or childhood holidays spent soaking in the sun and surf.

However, there is another side to Queensland with which southerners may be less familiar; a growing economic powerhouse. Fuelled by the mining boom of the Nineties and Naughties, Queensland’s population and economy have exploded in recent decades. With the mining sector contracting, the State is transitioning to a more modern, service-based economy. Boasting a spectacular climate and natural environment, and highly favourable government policies Brisbane is now firmly established as Australia’s 3rd largest economy after Melbourne and Sydney. Visitors to the city invariable comment on the continually expanding CBD skyline as the crush for office space in Brisbane sees high-rises seemingly spring up yearly.


Starting strong

While the growth in service industries, particularly hospitality, is well documented, Brisbane boasts one of the most vibrant technology and innovation landscapes in the nation. A glance at the extensive list of start-ups that now call Brisbane home reads like a summary of cutting-edge industries. From ground-breaking app developers and crypto-currency to communications technology, enterprise cloud solutions and everything in between, the local scene has a diversity and vibrancy to rival virtually any innovation hub on the planet. A growing list of local entrepreneurs are making waves both domestically and internationally with world-class, technology-based solutions.


Growing contribution

The numbers are startling; Since the 90s, Brisbane alone has contributed a staggering 10.6% of Australia’s total GDP growth. In the all-important FinTech industry, Brisbane’s share of the start-up ecosystem has grown from 4% to 12% just in the past decade. It may come as a surprise to many that Brisbane’s start-up ecosystem growth has, in fact, outstripped Sydney’s and is second only to Melbourne’s for the past two years running, with 21% of Australia’s start-up capital flowing into growing business powerhouse. While the Melbourne/Sydney duopoly might not be entirely over just yet, there can be no question that Brisbane is earning respect and attention of the corporate and technological fraternities both at home and overseas.


Cashing in on the Brisbane opportunities

If you’re looking to expand or relocate your operations, or perhaps take advantage of a growing market to increase sales, the smart money is turning north. However, for small to medium-sized businesses, grabbing of the opportunities on offer can be a financially and logistically complicated undertaking. Even with the highly advantageous regulatory, taxation and government support environment, building a presence in a new town can be expensive and complex. It requires sound planning and careful strategy to maximise your chances of success. Fortunately, APSO is here to lend a helping hand.


Serviced and virtual offices in Brisbane at The Johnson

APSO offers an array of stylish, modern, fully equipped offices at one of Brisbane’s most sought-after locations – The Johnson. Ideally situated just a stone’s throw from the Brisbane CBD in the picturesque inner suburb if Spring Hill, you’re up close to all the action, while maintaining a breath of fresh air. The Johnson’s delightful mix of office, residential and hotel facilities makes it a unique place to secure a serviced office in Brisbane. For those looking for a prime address that will give the right impression, without the commitment of excessive funds and resources, a virtual office at the Johnson provides you with everything you need to create a local presence on a budget.


For more information call APSO today to discuss how a serviced or virtual office in Brisbane can help your organisation harness the incredible promise that the Sunshine State offers.