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Expanding horizons – which managed office solution is best for your business?

Expanding horizons – which managed office solution is best for your business?

If you’re starting out in the world of business, it doesn’t take much for the costs to become overwhelming when it comes to organising office space. From paying your lease through to furnishing and purchasing all the necessary equipment, it’s easy to blow months of your precious budget solely on your office setup. However, the rise of flexible workspaces has made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their ventures with the help of serviced and virtual offices. While both options are fantastic for those who don’t wish to rent a traditional office space. So, let’s look at which solution will best suit your business:


Startup office space

Anyone who has ever been involved with a startup business will be familiar with the cocktail of emotions involved in such an enterprise. Exhilaration, excitement, anticipation and inspiration all engage in a seemingly unchoreographed, chaotic dance with fear, anxiety, panic and dread. Many such ventures begin in their founders’ homes before graduating into more permanent and professional premises. During this critical incubation period, you’ll be juggling the need to present a professional face to the world with the continual struggle of managing scarce funds. Virtual offices are the perfect option for startup businesses operating from home but wish to maintain a professional image.

A virtual office package provides you with a business address, secretarial services and mail management, and also gives you access to conference rooms and hot desks when required. Essentially, virtual offices enable you to continue working remotely but provide you with a professional mailing address to improve your business’s credibility. If you’re in need of mail management services and a dedicated receptionist, a virtual office may be the way to go for you. It’s the perfect option that will allow you to conserve your cash, maintain a flexible working environment while projecting an image of solidity and legitimacy to the world.


Room to grow

You’ve worked hard to gain that all-important traction for your baby. After months of little sleep, copious amounts of coffee and the knot that’s taken up residence in your gut as you ride the wave of emotion, you can finally take a very brief moment to breathe. If you’ve reached this point, congratulations! You’re one of a minority of Australian companies that have made it this far.

Your likely at the point where your headcount is starting to expand, and you’re dealing with clients, partners and collaborators on a more regular basis. Not exactly, people, you want to see you toiling away in your Mum’s garage, right? Your growing business needs a more professional home but one that fits into your budget. If this sounds like you, then a serviced office is likely to be the perfect solution for your needs.

A serviced office is a physical office space that’s rented out from a provider, generally with a month-to-month lease. All office furniture and amenities are provided, with many serviced offices also offering a range of onsite facilities including IT and secretarial support, conference rooms and fully equipped kitchens. Renting a serviced office gives you the benefits of having your own workspace without the expensive fees of a traditional office. With their flexible lease conditions, serviced offices are ideal for an individual or team wanting a physical workspace without the commitment to a long-term contract.


Critical mass

You’ve made it! Your organisation is thriving, growing and expanding. With a burgeoning staff and expanding enterprise comes the need for space and amenities. You might think that reaching this point automatically means that you should be looking for a traditional rental or purchase opportunity. Not so fast! Let’s think about this for a moment. Before you call up a commercial real estate agent, it might be worth assessing whether that serviced office provider might be able to accommodate the office space needs of larger businesses. The best serviced office providers can deliver scalable solutions that will support your expansion requirements. You might be surprised to find that the very serviced office location you’re occupying now has options available with all the space you need to give your company the look, feel and resources it needs to continue to the next stage of development. You’ll save money and logistical hassle by enjoying all the outstanding benefits of a serviced office at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, those important visitors will be none the wiser!


At APSO, we’ve got you covered from inception to maturation. No matter how small you start or how large you grow, partnering with APSO for your managed office space needs gives you the flexibility and support you need at every stage of your growth.

To find out how APSO can provide you with the perfect space to grow in Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane, contact us today. You’re in great hands today and tomorrow with APSO.