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City slickers & suburban cowboys – serviced offices in the CBD v suburban centres

City slickers & suburban cowboys – serviced offices in the CBD v suburban centres

So, you’ve made the decision to move your business into a serviced office – smart choice! However, the next important question you must consider before signing away on any dotted lines is the location of your new space.

APSO offers a range of serviced office packages in both CBD and suburban settings. While neither option is objectively better or worse than the other, they do deliver very distinct and contrasting advantages. Whichever one you choose depends entirely on how the location will most benefit your business while factoring in considerations like price, accessibility and environment.

When mulling over the ideal location for your serviced office, keep these tips in mind to help you make the right choice:



When deciding where to base your business, the cost is one of your primary considerations. While prices vary from property to property, offices in CBD locations are usually priced at a slight premium compared to suburban locations

Although some businesses may benefit from the vibe and energy of the city centre, opting for suburban office space can save you a considerable amount of money. This doesn’t merely apply to rent, either – many suburban locations offer free parking, which is almost unheard of in the City. This represents a considerable saving for you and your team.



For some businesses, having a prestigious, recognisable address is vital to maintaining a positive, successful corporate image with clients and stakeholders. Even if your venture is still in its infancy and headcount is minimal, you can project an impression of confidence and stability that will get things off on the right foot and help drive success. A classy Collins Street or Boundary Street office address splashed across your website, business cards, letterheads and other collateral can be a subtle, yet effective way of projecting an air of stability and strength that will set you in good stead.



Conversely, while having an office in the suburbs may not offer the same level of prestige as a CBD space, it does provide a host of other benefits. Many of our suburban locations are located in or around small business incubators or hubs. For a startup or growing businesses, being close to or sharing space with other like-minded business who are also striving to build a name for themselves helps you to feed off each other’s experiences, not to mention an abundance of premium networking opportunities. It’s that sense of community and collaboration that a suburban serviced office location provides that can foster creativity and cross-pollination of ideas and shared experiences.



It goes without saying that the CBD provides a host of road and public transport options that offer convenience and ease of access for your staff and visitors alike. This can be a critical factor in helping to attract great talent to your venture. Assembling the right team is a central part of any organisation’s success, and anything that helps in this regard can be a blessing.

While they may not offer the same range of options, many of APSO’s decentralised properties are conveniently located very close to major arterials or public transport lines. It’s safe to assume that no one enjoys getting stuck in peak hour traffic, or spending hours of their day being bustled and packed like sardines. The daily commute to the city can quickly get tiresome for some and become a dreaded chore that many staff could happily live without.



Your work environment should reflect your business and the broader industry it exists in. If you work for a fast-paced agency with many high-profile clients, it’d be beneficial for your company to be based in the city centre. Additionally, if you’re trying to attract young professionals to your organisation, it helps to keep in mind that most prefer an urban environment for work and play.

However, the rat race isn’t for everyone, and those looking for a more genteel and relaxed atmosphere might prefer the relative peacefulness of the suburbs. Whether it’s the beachside feel of a serviced office in Frankston the chic, boutique feel of an office in Toorak or the eclectic vibes of Preston in Melbourne’s Inner-North, you can select from a range of superb APSO properties to find the option that perfectly matches that vibe that you want to create for your enterprise.


Choosing the ideal locale for your burgeoning business doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Once you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of cost, ease of access and atmosphere between APSO’s urban and suburban serviced offices, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best fit for your business’s requirements.