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Virtually viral – 6 reasons to take a virtual office during the COVID-19 lockdown

Virtually viral – 6 reasons to take a virtual office during the COVID-19 lockdown

You don’t need us to tell you that the world has changed. Even when things do go back to normal, there is a distinct sense that life will never be quite the same. Amidst all the pandemic doom and gloom, there is no shortage of heart-warming stories of human kindness and triumph. The same applies to the world of business. With the economy in an induced coma, many companies are hanging in the balance, reliant on government stimulus measures to keep the heart beating. However, every challenge also brings opportunities. For the nimble entrepreneurs flexible and tenacious enough to pivot effectively, there are rewards to be reaped. Those with vision and nerve can either seize immediate opportunities or adapt in a way that puts them in a position to cash in when normalcy returns. Sometimes, however, guts and ingenuity are not sufficient. In a world that has gone abruptly remote and online, a Virtual Office Solution is the perfect backdrop to help you convert your dreams to reality. Here are six outstanding reasons why:  

You’ve got the look

If you haven’t had a small child Zoom bomb an online meeting or been busted wearing your fluffy chicken slippers on Skype, you’re just not doing Iso properly! Nevertheless, there are times when you can’t rely on your counterpart’s sense of humour and empathy, and nothing short of total professionalism will suffice. This is particularly true for small and start-up businesses that need that extra dose of hustle at the best of times, let alone in these extraordinary circumstances. A virtual office provides you with a prominent address that delivers the image you need to project. Whether it’s an upmarket CBD or CBD fringe property, or the personality and flavour of a suburban location, your website, business card or email signature will provide the perfect first impression for your venture.  

A place to call home

If your living room, replete with screaming kids, chirping budgies, the neighbour’s growling lawnmower and the cat intent on luxuriating on your keyboard is not the look you’re going for, never fear. We may be virtual, but our facilities are here for you at any time. Book a meeting room at any one of our convenient locations in Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide and pop in to run your online meeting in more conducive surroundings. Fluffy chicken slippers are optional!  

Call me maybe

Some businesses are going gangbusters during the pandemic, so perhaps you’re in the right place at the right time. If not, maybe you’re utilising the commercial lull to throw yourself into hunting down new leads so you can hit the ground running when we emerge from our Corona-Caves. Alternatively, the financial pinch may have forced you to cut down on staff, and you’re operating without a receptionist. Whatever the case, you need to focus every ounce of energy on achieving results, rather than manning the phones. Relax. We’ve got your back. APSO’s virtual office packages include professional phone answering and call forwarding services. Existing clients and new prospects alike will be none the wiser. Our highly-trained, personable staff will ensure that each call receives the professionalism, efficiency and precision it deserves.  

Get by with a little help from your friends

Similarly, when you’re running on skeleton staff, or the work’s piling up, the last thing you want is to blow your time schedule on admin and back-office tasks. Once again, APSO comes to the fore with virtual secretarial support that takes the load off so you can get on with business. From processing and scanning documents to free mail forwarding and so much more, we’ll do the grunt work and free up your valuable resources.  

The price is right

As a small business owner, you understand the need to conserve your cash. In the times of COVID-19, that imperative is all the more critical. With so much uncertainty and economic turmoil, business owners and managers everywhere are putting every expense under the microscope. With packages starting from as low as $59 per month, an APSO virtual office space passes this scrutiny with flying colours. When you factor in all the value that it delivers, it may be pound for pound the smartest investment you can make at this time.   If all this sounds good, give APSO a call today. We’ll be delighted to show you how an APSO virtual office can be your business’ secret weapon in the COVID-19 crisis.