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FAQ aboutInternet/Phone

Internet/PhoneServiced offices

What is provided with telephone answering?

Overflow telephone answering consists of our professional receptionist answering your busy/no answer calls in your company name or as per your chosen instructions.

Full telephone answering packages can also be purchase which allows your company to utilise our vibrant reception team to act as your personal receptionist; answering all your calls in your chosen greeting and then transferring these through to landline, mobile, voicemail or voice to email.


Why do you only offer cable internet in the suite?

As each company requires different IT services, cable internet is more stable & secure for our clients, especially if they need to access servers remotely etc. Cable internet in our buildings ensures that internet speeds are consistently high, and uninterrupted.


I do not have access to an IT provider, can you recommend a provider?

Yes, our recommended IT provider is 5G Networks who can help with all of your phone and internet connection needs.


Tell me more about your preferred telecommunications provider, 5G Networks?

5G Networks aim to deliver powerful business solutions to meet the modern business demands for all broadband, cloud and managed services.

For more information, please visit https://www.5gnetworks.com.au/


Is the internet connected through Wi-Fi?

Our internet is connected through an Ethernet cable which is connected from either the back of our phones or directly through the port. If you would like Wi-Fi we can suggest the best router for your office.


Do you offer Wi-Fi routers?

Our internet provider, 5G Networks, provides a range of high performance Wi-Fi routers. 5G Networks collaborate with all APSO clients to ensure all hardware supplied will fulfill exact requirements.


Can I have a technician come on-site and help me set-up my IT?

Yes, we can set-up a time for you to meet with our recommend provider, 5G Networks, to discuss your office requirements. Please speak to your Business Manager for further details.


Do you have a telecommunications technician on-site?

We do not always have a telecommunications technician on site, however our staff are well trained to assist when needed. We can also request for someone to come on-site if required. Our technicians are Melbourne based.

COVID-safe workspaces

APSO have been working hard to provide a safe environment for our clients to return to work. We are going above and beyond the recommended sanitations standards and have plenty of space to adhere to social distancing regulations.