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5 considerations before moving your home office to a serviced office

5 considerations before moving your home office to a serviced office

Having the security of working from your home office when you start your small business gives you peace of mind, and allows you to focus on growing the bottom line before having the additional expense of leasing a serviced office. As time goes by though, you will more than likely outgrow your home office. Here’s some considerations for you before you take the plunge:  

1. Review your finances

Usually the biggest obstacle for someone moving from their home office is cost, so you need to make sure that the move is affordable. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you’ve taken into consideration all the costs of moving to a commercial office building as well as the ongoing costs of renting an office in order to weigh this up against your revenue and budget.  

2. Weigh up your options

The move from a home office to a professional space doesn’t have to be a huge leap. You can start with just a few days a week hotdesking in a daily office option or a small furnished private office until you feel comfortable to make the move full time.  

3. Location

Whilst you may not want your new office to be right next door to home, you also don’t want to create a commuting nightmare for yourself. Make sure you choose a location that is close to home and your other commitments outside of work so you can create a good work/life balance. It’s also important to choose a location that is central and easily accessible for your clients.  

4. Price & Size

When conducting your office search it’s easy to get carried away with wanting larger space than you may need, or to compare the size of your home office with what you would get in a commercial building. Consider the office layout and facilities within the building that you may be able to use on a user pay basis as opposed to needing to include the additional facilities within your office i.e meeting space and communal meal areas – you need to find the right balance between what you can afford and what you are happy with.  

5. Don’t over commit

When signing up for a new office, don’t feel pressured to sign on for a lengthy contract, or take a larger office “just in case” you decide to expand. A selection of fully furnished office providers allow you to sign on for very flexible lease terms that also provide you the option to upgrade as your business grows without the hefty fees.  

Making It Happen

With a clear vision, firm values and plenty of drive and determination, you too can build the venture of which you’ve been dreaming. We hope that these tips will help you to get there. Finding the right environment is critical and APSO have the solutions to help you with that. Our serviced office solutions in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide are the perfect options for any small company looking for the right space from which to launch the next big thing.   Contact us today to find out how APSO can help you on what promises to be an exciting journey.